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What Is The Difference Between CBD & THC

What Is The Difference Between CBD & THC

The debate on whether on not cannabis should be legalized still rages on and cannabis has received a lot of attention due to this. However, the focus is more on its constituent cannabinoids, i.e., Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis has many cannabinoids, but most of the attention has been centered on the two compounds, i.e., THC and CBD partly because they are abundant in cannabis plants and partly because of the effects they produce when you consume them.

The vast majority of scientific studies into the medical applications of cannabis have centered around the two cannabinoids. From the perspective of a prospective or existing consumer, it is thus essential to be sufficiently knowledgeable of what the cannabinoids have to offer. It is essential to fully understand the differences that exist between the two and thus decides to consume the cannabinoids that will best suit your needs. The following few paragraphs will explore the differences that exist between THC and CBD and cover a wide variety of aspects.

Psychoactivity Differences

The most apparent difference between THC and CBD is how they interact with the body once ingested. People now understand that THC is responsible for the euphoric “high” feeling, which is characteristic of ingesting marijuana. People also assume that CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid. One thing that people might not necessarily know is that the two cannabinoids are responsible for very different reactions.

The psychoactivity differences come down to how they interact with the endocannabinoid system and the cannabinoid (CB1) receptors in particular. THC binds incredibly well with CB1 receptors while CBD has an incredibly low affinity to the receptors. A more critical aspect of the issue of differences is the effects of THC once it binds together with CB1 receptors.

THC activates and stimulates the receptors because it is a CB1 agonist. It is due to the THC mimicking the neurotransmitter anandamide, which is colloquially referred to as “the bliss molecule.” The neurotransmitter has been found to cause a blissful effect related to as the runner’s high. It has also been known to affect pain perception, enhance the pleasure derived from food, increase appetite, and even modify memory. THC can produce the same effect once it has activated the CB1 receptors.

Conversely, because CBD has a low affinity towards CB1 receptors, it doesn’t activate the receptors. It works to counteract THC’s effects and opposes THC’ influence and thus negative THC’s psychoactivity. This means that consuming cannabis that contains a higher CBD content can help reduce the extent of some of the psychoactive effects.

Molecular Structure Differences

THC and CBD are structural isomers that share the same chemical composition with the only difference being the atomic arrangement. The two share the same molecular formula (C21H30O2) and molecular weight (314.4g/mol.).

Just the atomic arrangement induces some differences, where in spite of being cyclic compounds, THC has a closed ring and an ester group while CBD has an open ring with an alkene group as well as a hydroxyl. The atomic arrangement differences account for the marked differences between the two.

Side Effect Differences

THC and CBD yield different effects even with the apparent differences in the interactions with the endocannabinoid system. For example, the side effects of THC include increased paranoia, red eyes, lowered reaction times, coordination problems, short-term memory impairment, and euphoria. The National Cancer Institute reckons that it is impossible to have a fatal THC overdose. However, according to the evidence, the consumption of THC in high concentrations during adolescence can help increase psychiatric disorders.

The side effects of CBD, on the other hand, are just the opposite of those of THC. As previously mentioned, it helps counteract THC thus reducing anxiety as well as short-term memory impairment of THC. However, it sometimes causes drowsiness and dry mouth in some people. Nonetheless, research has shown that CBD is safe for human consumption and it does not show any adverse clinical neurological or psychiatric effects.

THC Concentration in Marijuana and CBD Concentration in Hemp

Differences in concentration exist between marijuana and hemp. While the two plants are members of the same cannabis family, the level of the cannabinoids varies in either plant. The concentration of THC in hemp is quite low at less than 0.3 percent. However, the concentration of CBD is incredibly high, which is why it is the ideal source for CBD.

Marijuana, which is mostly known for the high it induces once ingested contains THC in high concentrations. The least potent marijuana strain has over 3 percent THC concentration, which is far higher than that found in hemp. However, because marijuana strains have been cloned and manipulated to contain THC in higher concentrations, the average concentration of THC is 12 percent. In effect, ideal sources have real differences.

The Legal Status of CBD and THC

The legal status of both THC and CBD will vary considerably depending on the state and country that you are in. When it comes to the United States, the legal status of the cannabinoid product will depend on the concentration as well as the source.

Under federal law, marijuana and THC are specifically prohibited and listed in the United States Controlled Substances Act. Nevertheless, 29 states along with Washington D.C. have passed and implemented their policies permitting the usage of both for medical purposes. Also, a further eight states have passed their policies allowing THC or legalized consumption of THC for recreational purposes.

The legal status of CBD lies in the gray area since it is not listed in the Controlled Substances Act. Means that as long as it is not extracted from marijuana but high-CBD hemp, it is entirely legal. In the past, the DEA has attempted to crack down on this product, but some of its actions have been challenged legally.

As such, if you would like to consume either of the two cannabinoids, it is essential for you to make sure that you check your local laws and determine whether or not you will be breaking the law.


Everything You Should Know About CBD Edibles

Everything You Should Know About CBD Edibles

Patients using medical marijuana to get relief from their pain and suffering usually opt for CBD edibles to get the same relief. A high CBD plant is used to extract active cannabinoids out of it to prepare CBD edibles. These cannabinoids are extracted by heating the plant in oil or butter.

What this cannabinoids extract is used for cooking a wide variety of food stuff. Some patients also prefer CBD edibles over smoking marijuana as it can offer better therapeutic pain management. Also, the effects of edibles last around 2 to 4 hours longer as compared to vaping or smoking.

Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

Many people do not know that CBD is available in two different varieties and there is a lot of difference in these varieties. CBD rich plant material is used for extracting cannabis CBD, and this extract is widely used for the treatment of many different medical conditions including inflammation, depression, and epilepsy. The key to its effectiveness for treatment of medical conditions is maintaining a balanced ratio of high CBD and low THC or an equal amount of THC and CBD.

CBD Medical

Hemp CBD, on the other hand, is widely used for creating a variety of industrial goods including clothing, rope, and paper as it contains an almost negligible amount of CBD which is not considered medically beneficial.

It is important for you to keep in mind that the CBD edibles sold by these online retailers contain CBD derived from hemp oil seed that has absolutely no medicinal or recreational purpose.

Keep in mind that these companies sell CBD edibles legally as well as internationally. However, you won’t get any medicinal benefits by consuming these CBD products. You also need to keep in mind that distribution of CBD is not legal, regardless of the form in which it is sold. Companies that have access to hemp oil need to have an agricultural license for harvesting and maintenance of hemp crops to be used for industrial purposes. However, they need to abide by certain strict regulations to get and maintain the license

Difference in CBD and THC Edibles

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids that have different effects, but they also work together and may be used in different ratios for treatment of a variety of symptoms. Most products made for medicinal use of cannabis are high in THC content but usually have no CBD content. However, it does not mean that there aren’t CBD dominant products in this category.

THC provides the pleasant and psychoactive high feeling, and it also heals the body. It activates CB1 and CB2, the internal cannabinoid receptors. The central nervous system, brain as well as other corresponding organs are full of CB1 whereas CB2 are known to be related to the immune system and are usually found in organs such as the tonsils and spleen.

CBD is different from THC as it’s a potent healer, but it does not offer the high psychoactive feeling as it does not bond strongly with CB1 or CB2 receptors. On the other hand, it is known to provide relief from the psychotropic effects of THC such as paranoia and anxiety by blocking THC boding to CB1 receptors

The protective endocannabinoid response of the body also benefits from CBD. It helps in suppressing the action of an enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the cannabinoid made by the body, anandamide. Cannabinoid activation is directly related to the amount of anandamide present in the body.

Safety of CBD Edibles

You can buy edibles in person as well as online. Irrespective of the manner in which you buy edibles, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the quality as well as the accuracy of the order. If you want to play safe, you need to buy products with high CBD concentration as high amount of CBD will counteract the psychoactive effects of THC.

Therefore, products with high CBD content will make it less likely for you to have lapses in memory or become drowsy or feel like being stoned.

CBD Edibles Brands

While there is no specific company for edibles, it is important for you to know that our CBD edibles offer detailed information about the ingredients of our products to ensure that they are safe for consumption.

CBD Capsules

Before you buy a CBD edible, it is important for you to take a close look at the ratio of CBD to THC, list of ingredients, strength and other such things. In simple terms, you need to do your research to make sure that the product you are buying is made by a brand that is known for selling only quality products.

CBD Edibles in Dispensaries

You may also come across edibles sold by dispensaries. These products usually do not offer much product information and do not have any info about CBD dosage. Lack of studies doesn’t mean that these products are inherently dangerous, but it’s not safe to consume a product that you know nothing about and therefore, we won’t recommend such products to anyone.

It is recommended to use personal discretion when you are buying CBD edibles either online or in-person. If you are not familiar with the dispensary, you should stay away from products that are not well packaged. If you have no idea about the quality of the edibles, you should stay away from buying them

Cost of CBD Edibles

As far as the price of various CBD edibles such as CBD Chocolates, candies, drops, lollipops or chews is concerned, it depends on a variety of factors such as culinary craftsmanship as well as the cannabis content ratio.

Buying CBD Edibles

To buy CBD edibles, you should first take a look at the local medical marijuana dispensaries. Usually, such dispensaries offer a variety of products and deals including happy hours; the first-time patient provides as well as competitive prices for a variety of products. Dispensary storefronts, as well as various delivery services, offer a wide range, but a delivery order may be a bit more expensive as compared to a storefront sale.

Choosing the Best CBD Edibles

As far as buying the best CBD edible is concerned, it depends on your particular requirements. For instance, the ideal THC: CBD ratio varies as per the needs. For specific medical needs, a higher proportion may be good whereas a lower ratio may be needed for other purposes. Similarly, some products may be more appetizing or healthier, but some other products may not be within your price range

It’s also true that there aren’t a lot of CBD dominant edibles to choose from as compared to THC dominant products available today but the popularity of CBD dominant edibles is growing. Some of the most popular brand names in the market carry a wide variety of CBD dominant edibles.

CBD edibles are commonly sold in the form of cookies, chewy taffy as well as chocolates, but some of the brands also offer a variety of specialty products such as gums, candies, and drinks.

CBD Edibles

What Makes CBD Edibles so Awesome?

What Makes CBD Edibles so Awesome?

CBD Edibles are foods containing hemp oil that is specially designed. Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant that is a member of the cannabis family but is not the same plant as marijuana. Industrial hemp has been used to make edible oil and cloth since ancient times.

It was recently revealed that hemp seed oil is a rich source of cannabidiol, which is also known as CBD and is quite potent with numerous health benefits. CBD has become increasingly popular as a food supplement and is now sold and consumed in various forms. CBD Edibles are some of the best and easiest ways to enjoy your CBD.

What You Should Be Aware of about CBD Edibles

The most common way that people get their CBD is by smoking marijuana strains rich in CBD. Since marijuana is still not yet legal in all US states and is legally sold only for medical purposes, you won’t readily find it in this form. Smoking is also associated with many negative side effects including a higher chance of experiencing respiratory problems as well as a strong smell that you may not want everybody to notice. It is also not quite a popular option for people living with children.

The use of a vape pen to take CBD is another popular option because it doesn’t have the side effects associated with smoking but still leaves a strong smell.

CBD Edibles are the perfect option for those that don’t wish to smoke at all and prefer taking their CBD in a discreet and odorless way.

Besides being less noticeable and not leaving any odor, CBD in food is entirely legal in all the states because hemp seed oil has a very low THC content. When manufactured with care, hemp seed oil doesn’t cause a high.

CBD Edibles are also excellent because they offer a specific quantity of CBD for every serving, which can be harder to calculate with CBD-rich marijuana strains and CBD oils.

Why is CBD Great for You?

In the modern first-world of today, stress is one of the greatest problems that people face. From having to do the same boring and tiring job daily to having to pay off mortgages, student loans, and new gadgets, the pressure to become successful can drain your quality of life until nothing is left to enjoy.

It is when your work starts ruining the hours you should be resting and relaxing. Everyone has had sleepless nights at some point in their life because something at home or work as well as other responsibilities is not going right. Bad sleep eventually starts affecting work, which in turn increases your stress levels and increase your sleep problems.

CBD can help break this unhealthy and potentially toxic cycle.

CBD is a completely natural product derived from the stalks and seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp has been cultivated for millennia and has been an integral component of Eastern Asian culture for this period.

If you pamper yourself with CBD Edibles this evening, you will be able to relax and enjoy life more. This way, you can increase your quality of life naturally and make sure that you are content and happy as you truly deserve.

Hemp oil has not associated adverse side effects and offers you an exquisite feeling of overall wellness and relaxation. You can cease taking CBD products whenever you please and start again when you wish.

CBD Edibles also have a fantastic taste that helps you feel both rejuvenated and cheerful as only high-quality and delicious little treats are capable of!

How Do You Choose the Perfect CBD Edibles?

If you are just getting started with CBD consumption, CBD Edibles are the perfect starting point. CBD Edibles take slightly longer to affect the body while the effects last for slightly longer and are milder. CBD Edibles contain a modest to medium quantity of CBD, which makes them the perfect starting point for you to discover what CBD levels your body needs to feel better.

It is advisable to start with a product containing a low CBD content to be sure that you can tolerate the product well. A beautiful example of an excellent starter choice is Iris Hemp Chocolate. Once you are sure that you want to try a stronger option, you can choose between scrumptious CDB Chocolates and delicious CBD Chocolate Chews.

It is advisable to eat CBD Chocolates either in the evening or at night since they can relax you to the point where you want just to sleep or take a nap.

All in all, it does not take any specialized knowledge to consume CBD Edibles, it also gives you a specific quantity of CBD for every serving, and provides all the goodness that CBD offers with a delicious treat.