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Types Of Chocolate

For all the chocolate fanatics out there, just the idea of exploring the different types of chocolates and their benefits is like a dream come true. And why shouldn’t it be? Chocolate is what love would taste like if you could eat it, and in this article, all the different types are going to be sampled. You will also read about the benefits if there are any.

That’s right, this article is entirely dedicated to the different forms of chocolate available to you, and how it could benefit you by using them in some way or another.

However, getting all the different types of chocolate into categories everyone can agree with probably won’t be possible. For example, the FDA has its set categories for chocolate, and the manufacturers, well, they play it by hear as well. They choose what they make and how to label it, which makes this article a little more involved.

But assuming you are a chocolate lover, you’ll won’t care about what it’s call. Instead, you’ll enjoy all the different ways chocolate can come in, as well as all the great benefits. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started with that list.

To keep everything organized and easy to follow, we’ll be listing the different types of chocolate first. This will be followed by a list of benefits, seeing as all these products are made from the same main ingredient.

1. Cacao

It’s only natural to start with the type that is most commonly known to everyone, cacao. In its raw state, they taste very bitter, and they typically undergo a process that enhances the taste. As you can imagine, cacao is used in hundreds of different products, including the chocolate bars you can’t get enough of. And the more pure cacao in the product, the more expensive it’s going to be.

You can buy cacao in different forms, roasted or not roasted, but you’ll have to do a little more research for that. Regarding the benefits of cacao, here are some you might not have known about.

2. Chocolate Liquor

Even though the name might suggest it, chocolate liquor doesn’t have any alcohol. But it does come in a liquor form, and it’s typically the foundation for the different types of chocolates.

3. Unsweetened Chocolate

This type of chocolate is basically when liquid chocolate cools down and gets hard. There is no sugar added, which means bakers love using it. It gives them the opportunity to add their own balance of sugar and spice. But it’s also used to make other types of chocolate.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a high level of cacao liquor, and it’s only semi-sweet. It can also be great for baking, and it’s one of the healthier choices when shopping for chocolate.

5. Sweet Chocolate

Sweet chocolate contains about half the cacao liquor found in dark chocolate, which means it’s not as sweet as milk chocolate.

6. Milk Chocolate

This is the type of chocolate you buy for a kid’s birthday party because they are delightful and tasty. Given that they only have about 10% of cacao liquor, they are not as healthy as the above-mentioned types of chocolate, but they can still have some good side-effects.

7. White Chocolate

This statement might not sit well with all chocolate lovers, but white chocolate doesn’t count as a type of chocolate. Seeing as it doesn’t contain any cacao, it just goes great with cacao and deserves to get mentioned.

8. Cocoa Powder

Everyone knows this one, and don’t be surprised to see it any many kitchens. For people in general, cocoa powder is a very common thing when baking or making special beverages. Essentially cocoa powder is when the fat gets separated from the chocolate liquor, hardened, then crushed. It usually contains between 10 and 20% cacao.

9. Grounded Chocolate Powdered)

Before getting it mixed up with cocoa powder, this is chocolate that has been sweetened and tastes like most retail store chocolates. In fact, it’s been made into a powder to make cold and hot drinks. More specifically, it’s something you treat the kids with.

10. Baking Chocolate

Yes, even though you can use many of types mentioned above for baking, you also get special baking chocolate. They are divided into different categories. For example, some are sweetened, others aren’t. There are several different types to choose from when you are in the baking business.

11. Chocolate Coating

Unlike the types of chocolate mentioned already, chocolate coatings usually have a vegetable oil base. They are not considered chocolate in pure form, although it does contain some amounts of liquor and powder. They are instrumental regarding making decorations with a chocolate flavor.

If you want to dig a little deeper, you’ll find types like couverture. It’s also a chocolate coating, but the chocolate is darker, and there is more cacao butterfat.

12. Gianduja

If you know what Nutella tastes like, you’ll know what gianduja chocolate is. Toasted hazelnuts get added to the chocolate mix, and the result is something that almost tastes like heaven if you love hazelnuts.

13. Single Bean

When looking at single bean chocolate, you are looking at chocolate that is made from precisely chosen beans. Many brands boast with the fact that they only use unique bean chocolate, mainly because it is much better quality and taste. Whether you want to believe the manufacturer is up to you. As long as the chocolate tastes good and it brings with it some benefits why not?

14. Chocolate Extract

If you want to add chocolate flavor to your baking or food, you can use chocolate extract. However, the flavor can be a little overwhelming, so when you use it, use it wisely. It’s made by soaking chocolate beans in alcohol, so you can imagine how strong that flavor gets.

The Benefits Of Using Chocolate In General

Of course, there are probably more types of chocolate available, but you get the idea. Cacao is a very diverse bean that can do so many things, which brings us to some of the benefits. If you enjoyed reading about all the different types of chocolates, you will probably like reading this part as well.

– It’s A Mood Enhancer

Why are chocolates and love so closely involved all the time? Well, it seems that cacao is a natural mood enhancer, and it releases the same hormones like when you first fall in love. Yep, that’s why chocolates are so addictive. And every time you eat one of your favorites, it feels like you’are falling in love all over again.

– It Turns You On

Cacao is also considered a natural aphrodisiac. And this makes sense, given the feeling you have after eating it. So let this be a tip for all the couples out there. Instead of eating dinner, get a few chocolates and one glass of wine.

– Balancing Hormones

Balancing hormones might sound like something you do while playing Sims, but in reality, it’s a thing. More and more people are becoming conscious about their hormones, seeing as it explains a lot of mood swings and other emotions. Cacao is filled with elements to help you keep these hormones balanced.

– It’s Good For The Heart

That’s right. Raw cacao will add protection to your heart and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, it might help with blood circulation. And as a side note, there are currently no prescription drugs on the market that can equal the protective qualities of raw cacao. Think about that for a second or two.

– Helps To Lose Weight

If used right, a cup of hot cacao can help you cut back on meals. This is because it decreases your appetite, and it’s recommended to drink a hot cup before eating. Check out if you eat less than normal.

– Gets You Energized

It might be hard to believe, but cacao in its raw form can give you a valuable energy boost. It can also help you to stay awake.

– Enhances Your Body

When saying that raw cacao enhances the body, it does it in different ways. For example, it promotes healthier and shiny hair, while strengthening your nails. At the same time, it protects your organs, such as your pancreas and the liver. In other words, it does a whole lot of good for many parts of your body, inside and out.

– It Lowers Blood Pressure

How many people aren’t currently struggling with blood pressure problems? And what wouldn’t they give to have a natural solution to their problem? According to research, cacao can naturally bring down your blood pressure, without any side-effects.

– Give Your Metabolism A Kick

For those who have tried diets, you’ll know all about antioxidants and why they are so important. And if your body doesn’t get enough of them, it slows down your metabolism and ultimately leads to weight gain. But with raw cacao, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a good dose of antioxidants, plus a good metabolic reset so-to-speak.

– Fights Tooth Decay

If recent studies are anything to go by, cacao is better than fluoride when it comes to fighting tooth decay. At this point, you start to wonder what cacao can’t be used for.

– It Improves Skin Texture

Just when you think it can’t get better, cacao can give your skin more glow and enhance the texture.

– It Prevents Sun Burn

A recent study performed in London showed that the participants who ate cacao were able to stay in the sun twice as long as the other participants. That means cacao helps to prevent sunburn.

– Improves Cognitive Function

Will you believe that cacao improves cognitive function? And that it helps to fight the development of Alzheimer’s? In a controlled study, it was concluded that two cups a day for middle-aged people would promote better blood flow and improve memory function. Do you need any more reasons to become a chocolate addict? Still, need more?

– It Contains Healthy Fat

If you are a very health conscious person, you are probably wondering about the fat associated with cacao. The truth is that the fat in cacao is good for the body. You see, not all fats are bad for you. In fact, your body needs some fats to stay healthy and to function correctly. The fat in cacao is only going to do your body right.

– Promotes A Healthy Digestive System

There is a lot of fiber in raw cacao, and it can serve as a healthy way to get your digestive system on track. If you don’t know already, fiber aids the digestive system and keeps your cycles healthy.

– It Fights Aging

Okay, it doesn’t fight aging, but it does slow down the process. Thanks to the compounds of cacao, which can be compared to green tea and red wine, your body will feel a little younger as well as your soul.

– Prevents Blood Clots

Blood clots are very dangerous, and as you get older, they become more of a risk. Your best way to fight them is to keep the blood thin and in good circulation. And this is where cacao comes in.

Cacao will naturally thin the blood and prevent clots from forming in the first place. Of course, it shouldn’t be your sole course of action when preventing clots, but it’s a powerful tool to use.

Even though this list doesn’t cover every type of chocolate that exists on the planet, hopefully, you learned something new. And do yourself a favor and search for more benefits associated with chocolate in the first place. You’ll be surprised at how good it can be when used properly. Now, go out and find your favorite type of chocolate.